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What is the principle of smart touch switch

by admin on November 09, 2021

The touch sensor switch is a power switch controlled by modern intelligent technology. It needs to consume a lot of electronic energy when working. The single-fire smart switch automatically fetches power through the touch sensor current device to power the touch sensor control power supply.


So what is the principle of the touch sensor switch?


First of all, let's first understand the specific situation of the touch sensor switch. When the smart touch switch is working, because the single-fire smart switch is powered by the time limit pressure difference that the switch cannot open. When the smart touch switch cannot get electricity, so the inductive induction switch technology has always existed, which is currently the main technical bottleneck restricting the development of single fire-wire touch.


What is the principle of smart touch switch


Before knowing the principle of touch-sensitive finger switch, let's first understand what the touch-sensitive switch is related to. The touch sensor switch voltage refers to the safe voltage when the sensor switch is normal. The touch sensor current is the maximum safe current allowed by the touch sensor switch. The insulation resistance refers to the heat value of the touch sensor contact part and the insulating part. The insulation resistance value is above 100MΩ . Lifetime refers to the number of operations that can be operated at about 5000-35000 times under the induction working conditions.


The principle of touch sensing classification includes touch touch switches and capacitive touch switches. Electromagnetic induction in various technologies and technological functions has entered the theme of touch sensing technology. In other design aspects, it can effectively bring the overall appearance of the product to the high-end Capacitive sensing touch switch can light-emitting device housing more than 20mm, accurate and effective sensing, touch to ensure the stability, stability, etc. of the product will not change due to long-term use due to environmental changes, and it is also waterproof and strong Anti-interference ability.


Where to buy smart touch switch?


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