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What is the working principle of the ventilation fan

by admin on January 06, 2022

About China ventilation fan:


What is the working principle of the ventilation fan?


The ventilation fan has three types of ventilation, exhaust type, suction type, and combined type. The exhaust type enters the air from the natural air inlet, and exhausts the dirty air through the ventilation fan

ventilation fan

The suction type sucks in fresh air through the ventilation fan, and discharges the dirty air from the natural exhaust port; the combined type is that both suction and exhaust are completed by the ventilation fan. A type of air-conditioning appliance that is driven by a motor to rotate the blades to drive the air flow to exchange indoor and outdoor air. Also known as ventilation fan.


The purpose of ventilation is to remove the dirty air in the room, adjust the temperature, humidity and sensory effect. The ventilation fan is widely used in homes and public places.


Ventilation volume  Different places require different ventilation volume and frequency. The amount of fresh air required by a person or per square meter is called the required ventilation rate. The number of times the fresh air is changed in one hour is called the number of air changes


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