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What kinds of smart touch switches are there

by admin on October 14, 2021

What kinds of smart touch switches are there?


There are three types of smart touch switches on the market.


1. Capacitive smart touch switch


The human body capacitance provides a functional switch through the small charge from the interaction of people or objects. Therefore, the capacitive switch is constantly charged and discharged, allowing it to work like a sensor that measures changes in capacitance. In addition, human contact will cause the capacitance to increase.


What kinds of smart touch switches are there


Therefore, when the capacitance changes, the charge is distributed in the wiring of the switch. Then, it determines where, when, and how the physical interaction occurs. In turn, this activates certain functions, enabling the switch to operate. The capacitive switch only needs one electrode. The installation takes place behind wood, glass or plastic panels.


Capacitance switches provide durability, robustness and reliability, making them durable.


You can find these on the circuit. Some applications also include proximity sensors, smart phones, vending machines and household appliances. In addition, these are integrated into LED lights and IP ratings. Therefore, for environmental protection purposes, capacitive switches are becoming more and more popular.


2. Resistive touch switch


Similar to capacitive smart touch switches, the function of resistive smart touch switches is based on changes in current. These are different due to simple design and construction. The lower resistance between two conductive metal plates with a tiny gap facilitates the operation of the resistive touch switch. Similarly, when the button is pressed, the finger will come into contact with the board. From there, conductive sweat guides the flow of current in the space, causing the circuit to close. As a result, the resistance switch is activated, making the entire operation possible.


Due to limited functions, this type of smart touch switch is not suitable for smart phones. However, these provide stability and longevity in many settings.


3. Piezoelectric smart touch switch


Finally, piezoelectric ceramic touch switches involve the piezoelectric effect. They consist of an inner ceramic layer, which is lowered when pressure is applied to the outer metal layer. Ultimately, this causes the inner layer to rotate in a twisted form. Then, the generated electrical pulsation causes the semiconductor to operate the switch when it is pressed. Therefore, this means that it can be bent mechanically.


Due to the inner layer, the switch has high durability and flexibility. Some include a sturdy metal housing, suitable for heavier applications. In this case, these need to exert more pressure to work in this situation. In addition, the easy-to-seal feature allows them to be used outdoors.


In the long run, the smart touch switch presents several characteristics. With its features, you can be confident in more control. The different types also define how they should be integrated into popular devices, such as smart phones. In most cases, when you lightly press the smart touch switch, the circuit will shut down, triggering a specific function. In contrast, mechanical switches require more pressure. Therefore, this difference makes the smart touch switch the most common switch on the market today.


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