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Ventilation plays an important role in the room. Room ventilation has two purposes: one is to meet the human body's demand for oxygen, and the other is to remove the dirty air with harmful substances in the room. Maintaining indoor ventilation can ensure fresh indoor air and increase living comfort.

Application of exhaust fan in home:

In the home, exhaust fans are generally installed in the bathroom. The bathroom is kept in a cool and humid environment for a long time, and the ventilation performance is relatively poor, so an exhaust fan must be installed.The exhaust fan can ensure that the toilet air is circulated frequently, discharge peculiar smell and moisture, avoid mold in the bathroom, and let the family have a healthy bathroom environment. In addition, many corners of the bathroom are not cleaned, and a lot of chemical detergents are stored. If the air is not circulated for a long time, the internal air will endanger human health.

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Inline duct fan

Exhaust fan

Application of duct fan:

Duct fans can be used in places with relatively large traffic such as hotels, shopping malls, theaters, and hospitals. In these places, the doors are relatively open (generally no less than 3 meters), and the flow of people is large, so you should choose a suitable, high-power duct fan. At the same time, duct fans can also be used in quiet places such as hotels, conference halls, and office buildings. In order to effectively limit the convection speed of hot and cold air and maintain room temperature, the main consideration when choosing a duct fan is the height of the doorway, site installation conditions and noise.

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