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Product Name: silent extractor fan

China silent extractor fan supplier, manufacturer, factory - ELMAK ELECTRICAL

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    China silent extractor fan supplier


    Exhaust fan is a type of air-conditioning electrical appliance that is driven by a motor to rotate the blades to drive the air to exchange indoor and outdoor air. It is also called a ventilation fan. The purpose of exhaust is to remove dirty indoor air, adjust temperature and humidity, and is widely used in homes and public places.


    Exhaust fans, also known as negative pressure fans, negative pressure fans, etc., use air convection to keep the room in a negative pressure state, forming a suction force that continuously sucks in outdoor air and exhausts the sultry indoor air, thereby To achieve the effect of ventilation and cooling.



    silent extractor fan




    According to the inlet and outlet points


    Exhaust fans are divided into partition wall type (free space on both sides of the partition wall hole, ventilation from one side of the partition wall to the other side) and duct exhaust type (one side enters from the free space). Air, and the other side is exhausted through a duct), ducted intake type (one side is aired through a duct, and the other side is exhausted to the free space), full duct type (the exhaust fan is equipped with ducts on both sides of the exhaust fan, through the duct Intake and exhaust). According to the form of air flow, it is divided into centrifugal type (air enters in the direction parallel to the axis of rotation and exhausted perpendicular to the axis), axial flow type (air enters in the direction parallel to the axis of rotation, and is still discharged in the direction parallel to the axis) and cross flow Type (air entering and exiting are perpendicular to the direction of the axis).


    According to ventilation method


    There are three ways to ventilate the exhaust fan: exhaust type, suction type, and combined type. The exhaust type enters air from the natural intake port and exhausts the dirty air through the exhaust fan; the suction type draws in fresh air through the ventilating fan, and discharges the dirty air from the natural exhaust port; and the parallel type is that both suction and exhaust are completed by the ventilating fan.


    Brief introduction


    Characteristic description


    The exhaust fan has the characteristics of low investment cost, large air volume, low noise, low energy consumption, stable operation, long life and high efficiency. The shutters can be opened and closed automatically to achieve dust-proof and waterproof effects. They are beautiful in appearance and are the best choice for cooling and ventilation of modern workshops. Exhaust fans with environmental protection and energy saving characteristics will become the mainstream of the ventilation and cooling equipment market.


    Ventilation effect


    Different specifications of exhaust fans have different air extraction effects. The exhaust fans sold on the market generally have an air extraction volume between 32000m?/h~45000m?/h. The ventilation effect is as high as 98%.


    silent extractor fan




    China silent extractor fan supplier, manufacturer, factory - ELMAK ELECTRICAL


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