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silent extractor fan


Product Name: silent extractor fan


China silent extractor fan manufacturer, supplier, factory - ELMAK ELECTRICAL

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    China silent extractor fan manufacturer


    Exhaust fans, also known as negative pressure fans, negative pressure fans, etc., use air convection to keep the room in a negative pressure state, forming a suction force that continuously sucks in outdoor air and exhausts the sultry indoor air, thereby To achieve the effect of ventilation and cooling.


    Exhaust fan, mentioning these three words, I believe everyone is very familiar with him. The role of exhaust fan in our home life is very extensive. If the ventilation effect of the room is poor, we will definitely live in it. I feel very uncomfortable. At this time, we usually use exhaust fans to solve this problem. Today, we will introduce some uses and characteristics of exhaust fans for everyone to understand.


    silent extractor fan


    What's the use of exhaust fan—The purpose of exhaust fan


    It can quickly remove the unpleasant odors remaining in the bathroom and kitchen; it can remove the dirty and hot stuffy air, and add air from the outside to keep the indoor environment comfortable and cool; it can remove the dust and soot on the walls and furniture; quickly; Remove the humidity in the bathroom to prevent the building from being corroded and moldy; the smoke and dust in the room can be removed and fresh air can be replaced to increase the oxygen in the room.


    What's the use of exhaust fan—Characteristics of exhaust fan


    1. A motor with an extraordinary life span. Adopting unique design, low energy consumption, uninterrupted operation for more than 70,000 hours, and the motor is guaranteed for 5 years.


    2. Optimize the air duct design. The ventilation performance is further improved. The design structure where the fan blades are completely placed in the snail shell enables the ventilation performance to be further improved.


    3. Unique technology. Using the new Double Orifice (double mask) technology Double Orifice (double mask) technology to achieve ultra-quiet function. Effectively isolate the noise generated by fan blade operation.


    4. Connector. The matching joint developed by the special technology of the exhaust fan is easy to operate.


    5. Fan blades. The high-performance motor is matched with the optimized design of high-quality fan blades, which brings an efficient and quiet use effect.


    6. Net cover. White and silver sprayed panels are stylish and beautiful to meet the requirements of different ceiling designs.



    silent extractor fan


    China silent extractor fan manufacturer, supplier, factory


    NINGBO ELMAK ELECTRICAL CO., LTD.is one of the most professional smart touch switch supplier and distribution board manufacturer in China. We warmly welcome you to wholesale high quality products at competitive price from our factory.


    ELMAK ELECTRICAL is a company specializing in the production of silent extractor fan,  silent extractor fan OEM, with many styles and low prices. The products are exported to dozens of countries and regions abroad. Welcome new and old customers to contact us to discuss cooperation, thank you. >>> More products

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